The Newborn Collection

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Pure beautiful timeless newborn sessions

We love the simplicity and pureness of the beauty of a newborn and the new parents. We aim for timeless and pure imagery, documenting the tenderness of your beautiful newborn.

In studio

After baby’s birth and preferably within 14 days, you can come by at our studio. It’s possible to come by within 48 hours of birth (the so called “Fresh 48”), so baby is still in its most beautiful and fragile form. Please notify us in advance if you were to want to use the photos for the birth cards, so we know to prioritise these edits.

At the Hospital

After you’ve given birth, I can come by at the hospital and document your newborn baby as its purest in its bed, umbilical cord still intact. It’s a truly special atmosphere, photographing you and your baby still at the hospital, making a beautifully precious memory afterwards. This is also ideal when you would love to use the images for the birth cards, but would be unable to make it to the studio within 48 hours. It is possible to combine an at the hospital shooting with a few days/weeks later the newborn shoot itself with you and your partner in our photo studio.

During Childbirth

Nothing beats documenting one of the truly most beautiful and raw moments of a woman’s life: documenting childbirth. One of the most underestemated yet afterwards most valued shoots there is to offer. It is possible to combine a childbirth shooting with a few days/weeks later the newborn shoot itself in our photo studio. We always drive around fully equiped and are callable day and night to be able to come immediately in case of baby’s birth. We work together with a few very close and good photographers in the event we would not be available, so there is always someone there to document this precious event.

Don't Forget...

To book your pregnancy shoot!

Almost every time when mothers said they

didn’t want to be photographed whilst being pregnant

they regretted their decision already when coming by

for their newborn shoot.


And that..just breaks my heart (especially as a photographer).

It’s just too beautiful when we can document your beautiful

belly and your baby afterward!


It’s a once in a lifetime event: make it count!:)

Sweet reactions

“Raïs, deze foto’s zijn ZO mooi, wij zijn er helemaal stil van!… Wat heb je kleine Guust prachtig op de foto gezet.. We hadden ons de foto’s niet prachtiger kunnen voorstellen, dankjewel!! <3”

Tot tranen toe bewogen door de mooie foto’s van Raïs..

Raïs is onlangs opnieuw in de prijzen gevallen met haar foto’s. Bedankt om ons mini meesterwerk perfect op foto vast te leggen.

Let's eternalise life together.

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