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A Unique Photo Session on Location

Beautiful events that get lost in time


Make time stand still in a beautiful way.


Give the gift to yourself, a spouse, a friend or your grandparents

of a standstill of a beautiful or simple event.

A simple family event now,

will be a priceless one later.


Grandma smiling


The kids still young,

getting read a book


Luka the dog

enjoying the lively atmosphere


That couch,

still in the corner of the room


Our parents smiles

captured as when we gave them their gift…


When will a moment like this

ever come back?

A party.


A Birthday.


A random Sunday.


Liam with all his friends,

still young, playing, laughing


A gorgeous dino cake you made,

the decorations you carefully hung


You playing with the kids

Your husband smiling as he plays football with them in the garden


The dog running around

The girls as they dress up as princesses and play with your heels


The kids young smiling faces


Let’s freeze time

An Event

Organized an event? Wow your guests with a photographer on location, giving beautiful keepsakes for both you and your guests.

Are you ready...

to eternalize

an awesome event

or to eternalize

an intimate random Sunday at home?

Let's freeze time together.

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