Photo Sessions

We decided to keep our pricing very, very simple.


No packages, no session fees, no extras you’ll miss out on, or no time restrictions. 


Every photo session costs €250.


For that, you get as much time as you want, as many outfit swaps as you want, as many locations as you want.


Usually, sessions take around 2 hours, but feel free to take however long you want.


For that €250 you get 6 high-resolution images.


You can purchase more images afterwards for €40 each.


I always hated missing out on images. Why pick if I just want them all? 


Exactly. I never understood it either.


So, if you purchase more than 6 images,

you get the entire gallery of edited images

(usually around 80 and often more images).


Now that’s worth a beautiful memory.


Collections on Location

€450 for 2 hours – €250 / extra hour

Includes all highlighted images

€650 – available day & night

Includes all highlighted images

€850 + transportation costs

Include all highlighted images

What do you get for this?


A session and much more

• An intake call to discuss your needs, your goals, your visions, or your wishes! Of course, you can also just ask us to just do our thing : ) 


• A what-to-wear guide with handy information for your session! 


• The Photo Session, with as many outfit switches you’d like, not restricted in time.

• Photos both in-studio as on location.


• Custom online gallery with all of your picked beautifully fully professionally edited photos in high resolution, easily downloaded, and sent to family and friends.


• A few glasses of champagne and just a really good time!

Our Wardrobe

Gorgeous dresses, endless newborn props, hats, flowers, pregnancy dresses, bohemian vibe clothes, dresses for children all ages, you name it: we have it. 

Bring your own clothes or have a look at what you would love to wear! 

Viewing Session

At the end you can request a viewing session back at our studio. With a beautiful slideshow, you can enjoy and look back on the photo session, where you can pick your favorite images and can order wall art and albums of choice with personal advice based on your interior and interests.

How do we usually work?

You come by at our studio, where we go through the outfits.

We first go outside to around 2 to 3 beautiful locations in the neighborhood. 

Depending on your preferences, we vary the gallery with some greenery, a beautiful open field, or anything that’s in season at the moment.

Afterwards, we shoot some images in studio, depending on what you like for your session. 

After that you go home and we give you a call when your images are ready for your viewing session!

All that rests you… is to enjoy! 


Looking your absolute best

You can book supplementary hair & make-up for €95 (€45 for children), which will be done in our Vanity Room at our studio,

so you look your absolute best during your shoot.


New Gallery

We can't wait to meet you! : )

Let's freeze time together.

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