My Story

Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Raïs, 26 years old.


After doing photography professionally for over 7 years and having shot all over the world I founded my studio in our home in Nazareth, Belgium.


I love spontaneous shoots, getting all teary in the wind while I try to get that perfect shot, running around with the kids and most importantly: I live for taking your images! 


Let us randomly stop at the side of the road because I saw a beautiful spot and let us have fun together.


I can’t wait meeting you!

It all started over 10 years ago

"I would lie if I tell you that the first time I cranked the dial of my disposable camera and clicked that my heart didn't skip a beat"

2012 – Photography – University of Amsterdam

2018 – Master Advertising and Digital Creation – CAD

2019 – Matters Photography


Finding my voice

It didn't stop there

"In every image, I explore the next step towards a more beautiful world. An experience I love to share!"

Honours & Publications

2019 – Silver Award Emhackinathon

2019 – Winning team One Club – Agency Mother

2019 – Canon Young Talent

2019 – Brigitte

2019 – Naver

2019 – MSN

2019 – The Intercontinental News

2019 – Behind the shutter

2019 – Flair

2019 – Shoot

2019 – Guest speaker Canon Photodays

2019 – Guest speaker National Belgian Photographers



“Raïs got a master’s degree in Advertising and Digital Creation in Brussels. After exchanges in New York and Shanghai, winning the silver award in the Brussels Emhackinaton and being part of the winning team for the One Club competition for agency Mother in London, one of the best ad agencies in the world, she decided to pursue what she really loved: straight after graduating she started her photography business full-time in 2019.


After that things quickly escalated, In the next two years she was published in magazines such as Brigitte, the biggest fashion magazine of Germany, Naver, MSN, The Intercontinental news, Behind The Shutter Magazine to name a few. She spoke at events for the National Belgian Photographers Association, got accredited by Canon as an official Canon Young Talent, and was a speaker for Canon During the Photo Days. She won many competitions, ending her 6th place for fashion and 5th for wedding for the best European Photographers of 2020, representing Belgium in the World Photographic Cup twice in a row, being named one of the top 10 best wedding photographers in the world by One Eyeland and was recently awarded the FEP European Young Photographer of 2021 by the Federation of European Photographers.


As she puts it “Honestly, every day I am honoured to be a part of one of the most beautiful events in people’s lives, I am grateful to be able to add my passion to their beautiful day and in such way fundamentally making a difference for the rest of their life. They’re going to look back at their images and will remember every single emotion they experienced on that magical day. It is for those moments I feel what I do isn’t just a job, it is an experience I get to live week after week, eternalising people’s hopes and dreams. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful jobs in the world! :)”

Let others do the talking

Our Vision

Our story to the world

As a young photographers, we have seen the joy and laughter that people could have in these times and experienced gratefulness for the moments where people could truly connect. It is from this vision that we created the story of Matters, not so much as a window through time but more as a testimony of beauty.

This goal is also our legacy to this world: a way of giving

memories a tangible feeling.


I live for what I do. There's no bigger joy in making people happy and knowing you've made a difference for the rest of their life.

Shall we eternalize memories for life too?

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